Thursday, 28 February 2013


It's f@#king huge!!
Seems we're on the topic of size. I know, I know, my last post was about how big the Universe was compared to a grain of sand, basically it was about the size of the Universe. That was due to the video that explained it that I found interesting so I wanted to share. This one is a bit different. It's interesting to talk about how big the Universe is because...because it is big.

Well, actually how big it is makes us wonder. It's not really how big it is, is it? It is about how did it get that big? Why is it that big? What is the reason there are things in it that are there? Funnily enough everything that is there serves a purpose, has a reason for being. The mind bending thing is we are curious about this Universe because we can't really explain most of it. We try but, you know...

The other thing is we're addicted to knowing everything about it because the scales involved are mind melting LSD induced feeding frenzy madness. A distance of a million light years is equivalent to travelling at the speed of light which so happens to be 299,792,458 meters per second, non-stop for one million years. I mean...what does that mean? A million years of travelling time? How are we supposed to still be alive to see something that is a million light years away even when travelling at the speed of light? Where do we order a FTL (Faster Than Light) ship? Anybody got Captain Kirk's number lying around?

Doesn't it just blows your mind to know how small you are and how big this Universe really is? And that is the visible part. What about beyond that? Where if there was light there, it won't reach until until who knows when. Will we ever know what lies there? Brain freeze creeping in..urgh.

So, to help you to better understand this huge Universe, here is an article I read some time ago. It is a bit more technical but still understandable for people like you and me. Unless you happen to have a phd in Astrophysics...or two. But it is still an interesting read and I hope you enjoy it. I hope you get some enlightenment from it as well. A quote to whet your appetite:
If the Universe does curve back and close on itself, its radius of curvature is at least 150 times as large as the part that’s observable to us! Meaning that — even without speculative physics like cosmic inflation — we know that the entire Universe extends for at least 14 trillion light years in diameter, including the part that’s unobservable to us today.
14 trillion? 14 trillion? 14 trillion? 14 trillion? What's a trillion? How many zeros is in that? That would be 12 zeros or like this - 14, 000,000,000,000. 14 trillion light years!!!! Oh wait a minute, America has already achieved this number, the national debt is about 14 trillion dollars (for some fun facts about that click here..but I digress). 14 trillion light years!!! C'mon, you're not intrigued by that? See what this guy had to say about it:
14 trillion? What's a trillion?
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